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There was a young, single mother we've all probably known at some point. Different face, different place...same girl. She has nothing and no one, save a vomitting four year old with a temperature of 103. Mom doesn't know what's wrong or how to fix it; only that between government red tape, and an income that straddles the line between destitute and median poor on paper manifests it's basic consequences through offering a choice between groceries and gas in her old car. This woman takes her baby girl to a health department clinic, but only if they have room to see her daughter. The sliding scale fee system is still pretty unreasonable, but a puking, listless little girl is worth the gas money she'll be using, and in turn have to sell the little left she has to recoup a week's drive to work. The hours of waiting, (true story. it really is, about a 4 hour wait to be seen at a health department clinic) the luck she depends on to hope someone can see her child, and the medicaid she bounces on and off of every time she gets a pennies per hour raise drive her insane when her daughter is still sick, and work demands an explanation for why she's not there.

Enter Dr. Lorna Stuart of 'The Clinic' in Phoenixville, Pa. After 22 years of private practice, Dr. Stuart vowed to do whatever she could to reach out to every faceless mother, child, father, sister brother. She gave her whole heart, and her own home to open a place where people could come and see hope in the face of their illness. Her dream has not only been able to afford these people medical care in 8 medical specialities, but it's allowed those who live in financial no-man's land to finally have a face and a name in a system that seems to be built to keep them down.

Dr. Stuart's practical application of the tender dream in her own heart has helped to treat over 40,000 patients. She asks for absolutely nothing in return.

Every single one of us can *do* something. The Clinic is proof of that. Celebrating the sanctity of life is about using exactly who you are to practically reach out to the hurting and the lost. Dr. Stuart has proven this fact, 40,000 times. Can you make a sammich? Do you work at a gas station? Bet you can make a pot of coffee...See? You CAN extend hope to those that live in darkness. Regardless of your religious or political affiliation, the ground at the foot of judgement is most CERTAINLY level. If our future was predicated upon the past, we'd all be in some serious trouble. Don't look at others for what they've done or where they've been. Choose to see a need, choose to MEET that need, and then watch beauty bloom in the dirt you could've condemned that person for and chose not to.

The very BEST way to heal your broken heart is to start by helping to heal some one else's. Like Dr. Stuart is doing today Visit The Clinic's website, Donate a buck .It's very easy to rage against the injustice and pain you see everyday; point fingers..lay blame.

The noble thing is to do something about it. We are the sum total of the small things we think don't matter. Do a bunch of those small things and find out what kind of shiny beautiful thing you will become, from the inside out

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