Wednesday, April 30, 2008

♥Does Anybody Hear Her♥

So I was walking down the street one day, in the downtown part of a huge city. As I walked past the buildings, I came to a woman with dirty blonde hair. Not just in color either. It was pretty dirty. She was standing, silently..facing an inside corner of a building with her back to me, and her face hidden.

The back of her jeans were covered in blood..and my heart immediately broke. I didn't want to emberrass her any further than she clearly already was. I stopped right in front of her, while about a million people walked by. And she was invisible. I'm a pretty emotional person. Unfortunately. :( About nine hundred and fifty eleven thousand thoughts about her ran through my mind, as she continued to strike me just by being alive. I did absolutely everything I could not to cry for this woman. She was my age.

She could've been a drug addict. Probably was. Or maybe not.
She was clearly homeless.

And you know, I kept thinking that one day, years ago, some mother went into labor..with the promise of a new life moving inside of her..and gave birth. She struggled and hurt..and through this woman's pain..the person I was now staring at came into the world. Tiny and precious and beautiful. Someone cried over her. Someone rejoiced at her birth. Maybe not even her own parents, but SOMEONE did.

I saw that precious baby past the hurt, bloody and dirty faceless woman I couldn't walk away from.

The point? She represents every single thing that this blog here stands for. Who cares where she'd been or what she'd done. We've all done whatever she'd done to get to where she was that day. We've all taken steps in that direction. Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist.. I don't care what you are. SoL isn't here to shove our beliefs down your throat. We're here to show you that there's hope, and ask you to respond in kind.

the human condition, IS. It manifests itself powerfully every single day right in front of us. Maybe not as dramatically as it did for me that day years ago. Nevertheless, you have a coworker or a neighbor or a grocery store clerk or a greeter at your local Wal Mart with a pain just as searing as this woman's. And you have the absolute power and authority to speak DIRECTLY to that pain and turn it around.

As far as the nameless girl in Miami, I don't know if she'll ever realize or believe that there is someone right now..that still hears the cry of her heart. That she isn't alone, and never was. And that I mourn for her, and celebrate her birth. That there is another human being that, through the heart of the Living God..sees her pain and would give anything to be able to protect her from now on. I ask that you remember her. Maybe not like the McDramaPants that I am. But think of her the next time it seems easier to walk past the pain, instead of addressing it. All you have to do is say 'Hi'.

So here's your challenge! Listen to the song in the youtube video deal above. It's by Casting Crowns and it's called 'Does Anybody Hear Her.' Then, make an effort, every *listen* to your annoying coworker. Hear him or her and respond directly to what they're saying.

The next time you hear them say they like something, remember what it is. Whether it be their favorite color or M&M's and surprise them with it next week. If they say they like big Victorian Houses or something though, you're on your own with that one.

Do it. and then let us know, respond to this post..and tell us what you did and how the other person responded. K STOP READING HURRY UP IMMEDIATELY! GIT ER DONE!


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