Sunday, April 27, 2008

♥Nathalie Calderon♥

Nathalie Calderon is an awesome dancer. At 17, she's been dancing for four years with
Georgio's American Dancer Center in Orlando, Florida. Not longer after undertaking formal training, Nathalie was chosen for the Center's apprentice company.

Her main concentration is ballet, but she is also proficient in tap.

This girl's talents are centered upon performance art, and she's super good at it.

She's also got only one leg.

Nathalie couldn't see why she couldn't dance just like the cousin who inspired her, and never told or showed her instructor that she only had one leg until she was accepted into the apprentice company.

Check out her video. If she can do it with one leg, and only get mad because her prosthetic leg won't let her wear flip flops,

what in the world can *YOU* do, with both legs?

As my mammaw always said:

'Can't never could do anything.'

Pay close attention as you watch, the way she moves is beyond beautiful.


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