Thursday, May 8, 2008

♥The United States Military♥

Photo courtesy of, Sanctity of Life

Joint Task Force Bravo, Honduras..

For the win.
There are about 600 troops at any given time stationed at Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras. On their off time, you'd expect that they'd be...on their puters..hanging out on Myspace or something. Perhaps kickin it with a Wii.

Not these guys. On weekends, about 50 or so airmen pack up their hiking stuff, gather as much donated food, toys and clothes as they can and hike into the poorest villages they can find in the surrounding communities. Once there, they administer veterinary and medical care, give out food, toys and clothes, and hang out with the local Hondurans.

They do all of this, in their free time.

We complain about how terrible our military is, and these guys use their station in life to make a difference in the lives of strangers. Because they feel like it.

So, the official objective of us being there, is to support democracy in Latin American countries. Help them grow, and develop well so that they in turn, can benefit the U.S. with their happy democratic ways. But I mean, not only are we doing official government business, a bunch of people decided to use their personal time to go above and beyond what their job description is to like, play soccer with six year olds and make sure they have food to eat. They go all out too. Delivering Christmas cookies, taking care of goats.

This is the ethic I'm talking about. Extend this to *YOUR* work. Do you have a customer who's having a hard you see a need with a client or co-worker or vendor..maybe they're really tired or their kids have been sick and it's wearing them out.

check out their efforts here

Bake them a FRUIT CAKE! Buy them a McDonald's gift card for their coffee on the way to work in the morning. Just one tiny step. That's all it takes.

Remember y'all, we are the sum total of every single moment, and every single thing we think doesn't matter.

While you're sitting here on the internets browsing around, watching YouTube perhaps? you could maybe go to a chat room (stupid, I know) and look for somebody that needs a little bit of hope. Tell them something meaningful and good, and then go on back to crazy crocodile videos or whatever it is you were looking at.

Try it.


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