Sunday, November 16, 2008

♥The Challenge♥

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HoH0Ho! Is that not the most ridiculous looking Christmas Money Tree thing ever? haha. I R Artists! Sorry it's late and I made that in like, 10 seconds. Anyway....

The Sanctity of Life writer is a full time nursing student, parent, nurser of THEIR parent, house cleaner person, and go to-er for people who need hugs, funny crap in their lives and small errands run for them. It's a great time to be the Sanctity of Life Writer! But not so much, if you're a Sanctity of Life READER. The SoL writer sort of doesn't believe many people read this anyway, but just in case and FYI, SoL is slowly growing, via nontraditional means that are too ninja secret to share with the masses. Just, trust us.

In any case and moving right along, we has challengeZ 4 U! The other day, the SoL writer didn't really have the inclination to eat lunch. Someone that the SoL writer had helped some time back, decided to pay the SoL writer back. SoL writer doesn't believe in paying anything back. There no loans in Sanctity of Life world.
This stated, the writer had an idea!

The writer wrote 'someone inspired hope in me, please use this dollar to inspire hope in someone else.'
That right there, is what it's all about y'all.
And so I challenge you. E-mail admin at sancitity of life dot net, and said admin will mail you one U.S. dollar with something awesome written on it. Use that dollar and then tell us what you did with it. I know SoL seems sort of emotional-ish and all commie lovey We Are the World.

But every single moment of every single day, is an opportunity to change a life. Grab it, and become the things you secretly wish you could be but think you can't.
That one dollar will buy a small coffee. Throw in some of your own change if you live in inflationville. Perhaps make purchase of a nice beverage for a stranger, or a dollar double cheeseburger at McDonalds. just because. Sadly, we live in a world where people think you're trying to serve them anthrax if you do that. But trust that your intentions will be matched with another person in desperate need of that very dollar that you'll have in your hand if you e-mail us. I also want to see your pictures of your dollars once you receive them, or I'll sue you!
just kidding. But I still want pictures and all sorts of other multi-media extravaganza associated with what you're going to do with your dollar.

This is SO EXCITING! I'm now tapping my foot in anticipation of your request!
hurry up!

you're still reading aren't you.

stop it.


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