Saturday, April 4, 2009

♥A Couple of Demands ..or Else!♥

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I've compiled a list of pretty easy things you can do to bless people. Don't be mistaken, true and perfect love comes at a cost. Love is not convenient. It doesn't always feel good. You may not even get anything out of it, and the recipient of your love might still be a big butthole even after you're done doing great things for them. So while you're engaging in blessing the tar out of a stranger, I want you to remember that you may not get anything at all out of this. But that isn't the point, because it isn't about you. Continue reading and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD EMAIL ADMIN@SANCTITYOFLIFE.NET AND TELL US WHAT YOU'VE DONE FOR ANOTHER HUMAN BEING THIS WEEK. IF YOU DO NOT, I WILL COME AFTER YOU, AND I WILL ..
replace all of the silverware in your house with bent spoons and forks with only one tine.

1.Pay for the coffee/egg mcmuffin/whatever for the person behind you in line at McDonalds or something.

2. Put an extra $20.00 on pump 2 at the gas station. Tell the gas station person that you want to pay for the part of the gas for the next person who shows up. Don't announce it either. Just do it, and walk away.

3.Buy a nice potted plant and leave it on the porch of a neighbor with a card that says, "YOU'RE AN AWESOME PERSON HERE'S A PLANT!" or something along those lines. Don't knock on their door, just leave the plant there.

4. Pay a couple meters next time you're on a street that has them.

5. Tape some change to a pay phone. People still use them. Write a note that says, "here's some money for youuuuuuuuu!" Make sure you include all of those "U's" as well. It's a nice effect in my opinion.

6. If you live with people, write something like: "I love you more than the moon and the stars!!" on the bathroom mirror.

7. Leave a giant tip for the waitress next time you go out to eat. Also, get his or her name, and call the restaurant to tell them how amazing and wonderful this particular wait person was.

8. Bake something great, or (in light of how terrible our country has become, they'll probably be scared to eat it) show up with a gift card to Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme or some such at your local emergency room, police station or fire station.

9. Buy some flowers or mylar balloons (no latex please!) and take them to the hospital and tell the receptionist at the main entrance that you'd like for them to go to a patient with no family or other visitors.

10. **this is my favorite!!** Go to the post office and ask them for a letter that's been mailed to Santa with a return address. Buy the gift that the kid has asked for, and mail it to them. OH MY GOD THAT'S THE MOST EXCITING THING EVER! PLEASE DO IT!

I'll add more when I think of things to put here. Send me your ideas! I eagerly await them!!


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  1. Wow, these are some of the nicest ideas I have ever heard of! Wouldn't our world be a better place if everybody took a little more time to really care for others? Another idea I heard friend do is when crossing a toll bridge to pay an extra toll for the person behind you. Wow, so thoughtful!! Thanks for the tips! --Michelle,


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