Saturday, April 4, 2009


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Well hall0 thar! *I bet you didn't expect to see anything from me so randomly of such a random nature.
*This has been a message brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department

It's the end of another seemingly endless string of nursing school semesters, and I thought I'd take a tiny lil break and fill you in on some nice things. So let's make a list.

1. You're breathing.
No matter how terrible life is, you just took a breath. That means that more
than likely you'll take another one, so there's a chance to be had in there.
Who knows? You could be walking down the street, look up, see a falling baby,
happen to instantly develop the reflexes of Chuck Norris, or Millard Filmore,
catch the baby falling from 3 stories above, and save a life!
Like these guys did.

2.There's a shaking up of sorts going on in our country.
I won't posit regarding how our government is doing and what's wrong or not wrong with our nation. But I will say that this is a perfect opportunity to help a brother ..or sister..out. Lots of people are complaining and angry and hurting. Make somebody dinner. Give them a couple books.
Read these stories. Pay attention to your surroundings, and then act.

3. Act. Move. Don't sit still.
You have the power to do something about the world we live in. That doesn't mean to run around yelling about how mad you are. Talk is cheap. And don't do it to be a hero either. Just do it because it's your responsibility as a citizen of this world. Like this person.

4. Nobody running around your place of business with a shot gun?
No fear! You can still help out. Consider that every single moment, yes, EVERY MOMENT, EVERY SECOND, is an opportunity to change the world. Hand out some rice while you're watching crazy crocodile videos on YouTube.

5. There is no number 5.
But as soon as I herd my spawn away from their Hannah Montana and back to cleaning their rooms, I have some more that I'd like to share. Until then,

In the vein of children's fads and annoying teenagers who get paid way too much to do way too little, I leave you with this. Enjoy!


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