Sunday, June 21, 2009


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To every man who drives the distance between California and Japan to collect his nieces on a moment's notice and raise them as his own, Happy Father's Day. To the uncle by marriage that sat in the delivery room waiting for his niece to be born and proudly held her in the palm of his hand when her father wasn't there; to the dads who don't hear from their sons for decades but embrace them as if they were still the tiny baby that they looked upon with tenderness and wonder at the day of their birth when that child shows up every few years for the briefest moment, Happy Father's Day. To the grandfather that calmly listens and explains with great patience how to make a peanut butter sandwich to his grand daughter on the phone when she calls in great fear because no one is home and she's hungry, Happy Father's Day. To the daddies that realized too late that they messed up and hurt their children greatly through long absences and lack of responsibility, Happy Father's day.

To every man that raises another's child as his own, wraps his arms around his pregnant daughter and tells her it'll be o.k. in spite of his own shame and anger in fear, to every man that pays the bills and walks away and comes back and sings songs to babies and embraces the sons of the single mom that lives next door, Happy Father's Day. And most especially, to the man that walked the SoL lady down the aisle when her own father was absent without reservation and instead, with the pride of a father who was escorting his own flesh and blood into marriage, the man who was a father to so many of the fatherless that went home to be with his own Daddy just two weeks ago,

Happy Father's Day.

RIP Mr. W., daddy.

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