Sunday, July 19, 2009

♥OH MY GOD..Most Adorable Thing # 564♥

In case you haven't figured it out yet, the SoL person is a girl. And so is everyone that helps her with this lovely blog.*

This stated, I love adorable things. I JUST CAN'T STAND IT SOMETIMES! I find the CUTEST STUFF AND I HAVE TO TELL EVERYONE!

I am about to graduate from the school that nurses go to, so I really don't have the energy it takes to share my thoughts with you as I have in the past. So just to make sure you know I still love and care for you DEEPLY, I'm showing you the most adorable things I've found in the world.

check this OUT!

OH MY LORD IN HEAVEN! Can you imagine that on a baby's head? YES! YOU CAN!

And look at THIS!

These things make me just want to find a baby and put a the biggest pile of vegetation/pretty things on their head I can find without causing irreparable cranial damage or other neurological defects. I just think it's the best idea I've ever seen in my life!

So, do me a favor. Go visit my friend. She makes baby tutu's (THOSE ARE EVEN BETTER! They make your child look like they've got stuck in the middle of "When Cheerleader/Prom Queens/ Miss Americas Attack". Oh it's just wonderous! So, back to my point, go visit Kayla at Hannah Banana and buy every single thing she makes. She does it all by herself, she's a genius, and she's making me ovulate even as I sit here and talk to you, my beautiful sunshines, with the hope that I too can someday have a baby girl with a giant pile of crap on her head.

I really love that walrus. The first time I saw him, I cracked up so much that I just couldn't stop laughing. Walrii are so sweet and adorable to me. ♥

*For the record, there are no millions of folks working diligently to deliver wonderful things to you. I just say that so I can sound more important.

xo my beautifuls!,

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