Wednesday, August 19, 2009

♥Out The Door♥

Hello there! Long time no talks! The SoL lady is about to make an epic journey in the same vein as the Odyssey. Except without crazy mermaid ladies that will lure me to my death at large outcroppings of rocks in the ocean.

I'm driving across the country, and moving to a fabled land of potatoes and tumble weeds, and at every SINGLE stop I make I will be leaving my beloved Post Its full of wonderful messages that say all sorts of nice things! It will be surprise time for over two thousand, five hundred miles! If you spot one of my Post Its, I will give you five BILLION DOLLARS!*

Oh the excitement!
And so, now that I've informed you of my whereabouts and goings on, I would like to leave you with something else.

Every second of your life is a moment that you have to change the entire DESTINY of the WORLD! In spite of the fact that I lettered in drama in high school, I am absolutely not being hyper dramatic. You can do this. Recognizing that life is sacred and treating it as such, so that your countenance shines likes the stars in the sky is a doable prospect. What if you worked at McDonald's and someone handed you a note as they paid for their Big Mac that said "Hi, do you know how amazing you are? Just because you're alive?" What would you think? What kinds of thoughts would be born from that action? (Not stalker thoughts I hope. :( )

How bout if you were homeless and someone walked up to you and asked how you were doing? Or if you'd like to have some coffee or perhaps a nice bottled water and wanted to know all about how you got to where you were?

I'm reminded of this guy I found one time. I was doing my I-have-something-important-to-accomplish-so-I'm-walking-like-a-middle-aged-
woman-really-fast-powerwalk-to-thegrocery-store- walk in Miami one day.
This guy was in his 20's and sitting in the bushes up against the side of the
grocery store building and the humidity was like, one godzillion percent and it was so hot and I almost
missed him because I had a one track mind involving Coco Rico and guava paste. I looked down and here was this absolutely filthy man crouched in an upright fetal position against the wall. More than likely he had issues with drugs, and it seemed like he was having a hard time coming down off of something he didn't have the money for more of at the time that I found him.

I stopped. In a world where NO ONE stops, how could I not? I was made for this. I'm not able to keep going when I see this sort of thing. So I put my giant sunglasses on top of my head and knelt right there on the sidewalk. And said..."Excuse me, what are you doing?". He looked up at me, and I looked back and waited for an answer. And I asked him what his name was. And I looked in his eyes, and waited some more. He didn't talk much, but he said: Please. I just kept looking at him, and I saw that he had to be thirsty because it was so hot. And my heart just would not allow me to continue with my day as if there were no other hearts but my own in the world. I asked him to wait for me. And I went in the store and got 2 Coco Ricos, and some bottled water and trail mix, you know, for protein. Immunoglobulin formation is critical when you're homeless and are susceptible to all sorts of illnesses and that can't happen without protein! <3

So I sat on the sidewalk and we shared Coco Rico and trail mix and I told him to save his water the best that he could, and asked him how he was feeling and what he was thinking about. I stayed on the sidewalk for awhile, and told him that I too had lived the way that he had. Because I have. And I told him what hope is, and how precious and beautiful he was even in his filth and that I was proud of him because he sat and waited even if he didn't realize that's what he was doing and that his answer was here and the answer was that he still had incredible worth and a future.

I still wonder where he is. And you should know that I do what I do every day not because I feel obligated, but because I can't not. It is the theme of my life, and service to the forgotten and the mediocre and the famous and the beautiful and the ugly and the rich and the poor and every single human being I encounter is my dream for my life. I would like to work at a gas station because I enjoy people so much. I did work at a gas station as a matter of fact. And I would like to work in a nursing home too, and give hugs to the old folks who are a lot of time kind of gross. And I would like for you to see that I am just like you. I can be very mean. I can be very immature. When my day is done, I go in the house and do not open the door and do not leave and do not want much of any contact with anyone. I'm a person too. I don't do this because I chose to try to be some sort of humanitarian lady person. I do it because I got a tiny glimpse of the love of God for his children and even at our worst we are something incredible.

So I'm going to drive, and continue to extend my hand across all of those miles and I'm asking you to do that today. Decide upon a world view that is inclusive of the eyes and hands and actions of the people you see around you and choose to use the beautiful person that you are and all of your uniqueness to extend hope to those who think it isn't real anymore.


*5 billion dollars will be payable in invisible Ho Ho's as an annuity at an annual
rate of no percent.


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