Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sanctity of Life

"Wisdom is the substrate of all existence and is found in its every aspect."

It's a somewhat obscure book. It's pretty heavy reading for the brand new human that I was when I accidentally (there are no accidents) happened upon it almost 10 years ago.

Today is Sanctity of life Sunday. This is a fairly new event created by Christians to recognize the value of human life and to bring attention to the super debated issue of elective abortion.
I'm not going to argue the political points of that topic.
But I do have a controversial point to make. I deliberately chose the name for this here blog knowing the religious and political connotations.
Because of that quote. About wisdom and life. When I read that book I was so awestruck (..stricken? struck. I don't know.) and humbled and small and taken hold of....
I was given this acute awareness of why I almost autonomically look at human beings as mysterious wonders. The quantum physics-esque knowing but not knowing ..the awareness of the miracle in every toe nail and capillary of every single perfectly unique one of the billions of us that inhabit this Earth.
It was made so precious through that book.
So I chose this name. The one that Christians adopted for a cause. Because I have that knowing that they see too in the lives of the not yet born. And so this name was my way to connect the infinite beautiful of the hand of God, the Father of Lights, to the every day things that honor the absolute miraculous, beautiful, so precious things that we all are simply by virtue of our existence.
I know a pretty baby girl..... Lots of them as a matter of fact because I just so happen to have billions of nieces and daughters who are blessed to be in possession of bits of my bad ass genetic code... :)
The particular baby girl I'm thinking of has the most beautiful eyes. They see. They recognize her mamas voice. They look in reply to her daddy's call.
Those eyes know.
She picks up cheerios w/deliberate dexterity. She expresses appropriate emotion. She is a part of me too. She is a big happy sunshine. And she is dead per current medical understanding of the severity of the hydrocephalus that her mother's obstetrician said was just too much. In her too crowded little head, her amygdala is formed just right so she laughs too,just like the other babies that were deemed acceptable for birth even as she was not. Her occipital lobe, shoved all cockeyed into the back of her head has triumphed anyway. Because she looks at her brothers and laughs. She's more alive in her affliction than I know how to be.
And you fast forward and see the beautiful and the ugly and the old and imprisoned and everyone in between .... and we have this beauty that isn't quantified by anything the finite can comprehend. But we try, and fail, anyway.
You look at another human being this Sunday. Sanctity of Life Sunday. Look into their eyes and know that the striations in the green of the irises of that stranger, and the patterns of veins in their hands..know that those aspects of the biological parts of their being comprise such a wholly incredible miracle that no stupid mistake, no ugly wheel chair necessitating disability, no dumb hairdo or lack of education or any thing the desperate measures that sociological dicatates have created to contrive a sense of understanding of this incredible beauty in order to contain the unknowable, can or will ever have any bearing upon or ability to take away from the absolute and perfect work of the God who said, that life is indeed a sacred and precious thing. And thus, should vigilantly, passionately, regularly and fully, be treated as such, without prejudice of any sort .
Know that today . And every single day thereafter.

To read the book that made me want to be a nurse, <~~~~ go there. Sorry. Posting from my phone.

And, Xo beautiful carly pie .<3 and every other incredible little girl in our family .

Xo ,
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