Friday, July 29, 2011

hi again.

Hi there. I've been away for awhile. Obviously. Just dealing with life. So now, I'm back. I'm TRYING to be back anyway. Bear with me. My spies tell me that I have people all over the world showing up here on a daily basis to read what's going on. But I never hear a peep from one soul. So I didn't think it would affect anyone if I went away. Perhaps I was wrong? Perhaps.

In any case, maybe there's someone, somewhere, who needs to hear about the kind of hope I live and do my best to give and that was a precious, perfect gift I got about ten years ago from this guy that got nailed to a tree. So I'll keep talking. Just be patient with me, the only art I've ever perfected is that of being a creepy weirdo. Thanks.



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