Once upon a time, a girl had a life and some dreams and it was all a big, big mess. But the most beautiful mess. Ever. 

I'm the SoL Lady. If you know me, you know my name. If you don't know me, you'll never know my name or who I really am. I'm a mama to two beautiful babies. And the wife of a super kick ass viking pirate beast. I'm an RN, and I fight a crippling compulsion to stick my fingers into the raw hamburger meat at the grocery store. I'm very private purposefully so, so that I can truthfully share my heart without lovey hero pity attention from others.

I created this place years ago and it has existed in various forms for almost a decade. It is called "Sanctity of Life" because all human life, just..ALL OF absolutely precious and beautiful. It's not a Catholic or political or religious statement. It just is. Life is holy. And we tend to forget that as we're busy going about our daily business-y important things. And I wanted to remind people of how easy it is to leave a legacy of goodness and hope after we leave this Earth.

I love Jesus Christ, and am an unapologetic, non-denominational Christian. I also love string cheese, animals, and old people. I say bad words sometimes, and struggle with anxiety and a bluntness that results in me either annoying or angering at least one person on a daily basis.

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  1. I could say I share that objective but I'm very bad at aplying it
    I know that feeling in general.


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